How Should I Book Bob ?

  1. Ring me to see if I am available on the day and time that you require. I would advise you to do this before booking a hall if you are not having the party at home.
  2. If you decide to book me telephone me again. Have available the name and full address of the venue and your preferred starting time for the magic show. The booking will be made by telephone.
  3. I will telephone you a few days before the show to confirm that the details are correct and to assure you that I will be there as arranged.
  4. Payment should be made in full on the day of the show.

My telephone number is (01908) 315147.

Bookings can only be made by telephone because my diary fills so quickly it is vital that you ensure that I am available at the time on the day you require. This will always be confirmed by a return call during the week of the event. (I will confirm in writing if requested).

You can not book by E-mail or through this website.